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Alone in the Darkness by lorrainemd Alone in the Darkness by lorrainemd
Did you ever feel like you were totally alone in the world? Totally and completely without purpose or meaning? Unable to see the light? I have....this pic was inspired by that lost-in-the-in-universe-completely-by-myself feeling.

Large black space and and slight grain intentional.
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Reubenmpetty Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2010
This is awesome, keep up the good work
chriseastmids Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
yes ....................
PaulMcKinnon Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2008
MoonDolphin Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2007
this is beautiful, her hair helps the mood of the picture.
kid-kiddo Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2007
heyyyyy cooooool:heart:
phix850 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2007
I never noticed this.

I think we have all either been there or will be there at one point or another. I think it gives us the baseline perspective needed to have compassion and appreciation.
the-motorcycle-boy Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2007   Photographer
very nicely done. reminds me of the womb.
Alterofada Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2007
this is very nice Irealy love it. :D
marieChan383 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2006
i have a same tittle deviation.
Very good photo,that's impressive ^^
DarkWeaverOfDreams Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2006  Professional Photographer
After looking through your gallery i have desided this one is my fav. I would only like to say that while your photography is beautiful, the words you use are the true beauty. :) You have a great way with words and it strengthens the meaning in the photo.
Great job and I look forward to seeing what you do with the future.
LunaNero Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2006
this is a wonderful shot with very clear portrayal of the emotion you describe.
pelis77 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2006   Photographer
Very nice shot!
NebolahBC Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
I know the feeling, but that wasn't my first thought. I immediately wanted to hug you... maybe to give some kindness, which you were missing.

Great pic, with emotions, thoughts and body... in many ways.
LEOM3C Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2006
bellissima posa e scatto :icq:
coolthang Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2006
I totaly understand how you feel but now I found someone who completes my soul...and I hope you do to :pray:
teach-me Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2006
when i feel like that it is more like i am the giant gaping black hole and the whole world is around me.
Ka-e-yn110689 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2005
i love the intense emotion!! great work!!
Erasmas Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2005
I do indeed know this feeling... all too well in fact. I just happened to post a poem about it in my gallery this morning about that very thing.
dbutler1986 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2005
After glancing through the other comments, I'm afraid I've nothing fresh to say as it's all been I'll stick with "very pretty" and "Nice!" :P
boostrange Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
Yousry-Aref Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2005  Hobbyist Photographer
i love it
Deelite Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2004
What are the feet coming at you supose to mean?
pessimist Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2004
great photo. the tone, the contrast, everything about is is perfect
immerseyoursoul Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2004   Photographer
That eye....oh it kills me. I love the tone of her skin, very good lighting. I see something comming up behide her, but thats just from looking at the picture too hard I think. Her feet scrunched up gives her the perfect amount of fright.
LadyDuvet Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2003
i love the perspective... great!!!
skin- Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2003   Photographer
GREAT shot...very expressive...well done :P
kolya Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2003   Writer
I really love this piece.... it's great in so many ways. Good work!
In-Apt Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2003
I'm particullarly fond of the arched toes detail.... very well done!
bobbieo Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2003
Gorgeous photo. I love everything about it. Color, clarity, pose, .... I could go on and on, but would just be repeating previous comments. Very expressive.
blindgorgon Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2003
very incubationish
i love making up words
even better i like verbing words
i just crack myself up sometimes.
good picture. :) (Smile)
mar1an0 Featured By Owner May 21, 2003
Really like the yellowish sepia here.... and the way hair covers the face... very pretty... also really expressive of course... you just keep amazing me... :) (Smile)
zero Featured By Owner May 14, 2003  Professional Photographer
You were right, Alix. This is the better shot, the other is so obviously a poor rip. :) (Smile)

Kudos to you *lorrainemd for this.
silentology Featured By Owner May 14, 2003   Writer
im coming in from the photo by and i have to say this photo is beautiful just the same... but there are differences. her's seems to me that the model is trying to fade into her surroundings where as your model seems like she is being absorbed or sucked into a void. like the world is trying to overtake her and she's frightened. the lighting in hers is soft and this one is dramatic and pops out at you. ive seen this pose dont quite frequently and though i'm only just beginning in photography i'd say that they both have artistic value in their own rights. i would definately not think that one is better than the other. beautiful work ! +fav
fidget Featured By Owner May 12, 2003   Photographer
I think it is a combination of many aspects of this shot that make me feel almost thoughtful and nostalgic as I look at this photo; perhaps the warm tones warm up the feeling of loneliness meant to be expressed- or the touch of polish on pretty feet- the model seems more pert and impish to me as a viewer- hiding her face because she wants to, not because she feels drawn to, pointed feet first, because she is essentially in control of her self-being. How ever I see it, I love it- and its getting a fav from me. Well done Lorraine!!
adixion Featured By Owner May 12, 2003


i know this feeling,
but is better to feel something
that nothing.

the pain,
the sweet pain.
thedaisycutter Featured By Owner May 12, 2003
I don't have a foot fetish, but cute toes really strike a cord with me. Makes me miss my girlfriend (who has been in Africa for 4 months).

This is great.
dougbtn Featured By Owner May 12, 2003
Congrats on the front page, I scrolled for 45 minutes to get down here :-) (Smile)

I like the idea of being alone as a theme. This shot somehow gave me an impression of falling back into a void rather than being there already, just a trick of the perspective I know. Lovely, well done.
claude Featured By Owner May 12, 2003
Awesomely done!!!
fairyboo Featured By Owner May 12, 2003
So simple yet so full of meaning. Great work! I can relate to it too. Clap great work!
marcyintellect Featured By Owner May 12, 2003   Photographer
the hair over the face is a nice touch, and im lovin that its feet first...
seriouslytwisted Featured By Owner May 12, 2003
cool pic and pose.. seen it a million times but the way the feet stick out into the foreground makes it slightly different and interesting. and the slight grain and tone is great too.

however, i get the feeling that the pose is more playful than it is lonely. and the fact that the female is right in the centre of the shot looks a bit odd.. there's black all around her and nothing that "grounds" her to anything.. so she looks like she's floating about in a black abyss (maybe that was your intention). perhaps also having more black negative space in the picture in comparison to the figure would better convey the lost and lonely feel.. but nevertheless.. i like this shot.. its kind of different and.. nice :) (Smile)
disguy2k Featured By Owner May 12, 2003   Photographer
Wow this is so incredible!!! I love how you can jsut see her eye through her hair, making her look as tho she's hiding from the world, yet can't take her eye of it... Great angle and perspective... this is so wonderfully shot, on all levels. The tone is great too!!
illusional1978 Featured By Owner May 12, 2003
I like this very much, as I do most of your work. Having no idea how to link, this reminds me of Neeta's Fragile ([link]). Very impressive.
purgingkerch Featured By Owner May 12, 2003
very nice, was this a photoshopped digital shot, a color print, or a photoshopped b&w print? if it was a print, you are amazing... the barely visible eye and the odd foreshortening are what make this pic. very nice indeed.
loveinjected Featured By Owner May 12, 2003  Professional Interface Designer
Beautiful ;) (Wink) Ya get better and better. I know EXACTLY how you're feelin now too, you're not alone.
borderline Featured By Owner May 12, 2003
really nice pic. I like it
culturalflux Featured By Owner May 12, 2003
I think the "loneliness" would have been emphasized by taking the shot from further away. It is still a very beautiful photo though.
hypnotic Featured By Owner May 12, 2003
strong emotion, great pic +fav

bren Featured By Owner May 12, 2003
OH YEAH...I've felt like that. Lots of times...

wonderful photo!
cyrusmuller Featured By Owner May 11, 2003  Professional General Artist
The contrast is fabulous.... the pose so striking... again you amaze me.
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