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Maternal Grace by lorrainemd Maternal Grace by lorrainemd
Her love is incomparable
It is unforceful but all poweful
She glows a light of warmth and beauty
All day and throughout the night.

Model: Jackie
Obsession: religious imagery
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syrus Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2006
That tattoo is perfect.
ErzebethBathory Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2005
is that a tattoo or henna?
really is the thing that stands out the most for me...
beautiful tones
CrocodileSmile Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2004
I like it, but I wish there was another where her eyes met the camera in a threatening look, sorta dont fuck with me. Of course I'm feeling very pissed off at pictures of demure women tonight. FUCK demure. or whatever you call it... Motherhood tends to bring on a side of protectiveness though, and another picture might also be fitting. Hell, maybe you have one... I'll go check, sorry I'm a bitch. Plus i'm still not sure if i should really be swearing here... but I feel it's sorta appropriete...urgh...
torxx21 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2004   Photographer
All your images are class, but I chose this one, cos of its subtle tones and the way the tattoo complements the scene. Great stuff!!
eLfa Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2004
wonderfull.. love this one! :+fav:
de-vush-ka Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2004  Professional General Artist
immerseyoursoul Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2004   Photographer
Beautiful softness, I love the tone. You seem to be very intrested in religious shots. I almost get a feel of Mary, looking down at baby Jesus. Is that a robe shes wearing? or just some cloth? Because the texture really adds to the picture.
Helewidis Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2004   Photographer
I like it!

it has feeling, and that's the most important, to me!
duquguy Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2004
beautiful and perfect... just like the rest of your work. nice job and great gallery!
fangedfem Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2004
Simply heavenly-- the overall softness to the image enhances the mood so well and the delicate sepia tone is wonderful =)
thirdhandsaucer Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2004   Traditional Artist
wow, the expression i have from this image is really depressing.

she looks as though she's lost someone, someone very important, or something very important. there is so much emotion that you've captured in this picture, and i feel like i've connected with it somehow.

on the technical specs. i think you really did a very nice job with the lighting. it is a great exposure, not too bright, but still very bright. the very subtle color is also very impressive, and a very nice way to look at this.

very nice work here, i really enjoyed viewing this one. take care.
kittynn Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2004
Absolutely gorgeous lorraine. She looks so pure, and yet so... well, sad almost. The downturned gaze, the soft crescent of lashes against her cheeks. One of your most beautiful, I think :+favlove:
EclipsedMeh Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2003
ooo purity
velvet Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2003   Digital Artist
my compliments to you, this is a really lovely image Clap
nathanieljc Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2003
Gorgeous and very tones and love the serenity on her face.
pierce Featured By Owner May 7, 2003   Photographer
I like the softness that incircles and incompasses this image. The model has a nice symetrical face. The other pictures of this series are also very nice.
dandellion Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
Just like old masters:sepia toning, high key and old way of composing.
Well use of tatoo.

nebmus Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2003
Loving the tones and colours.
Loving the looks of the model and the composition of the picture.

Loving it all.

mental Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2003  Professional Photographer
Beautiful soft lighting...

Love the composition, very well posed as well. Good colours and costume.

Two thumbs up.
alijabbar Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2003
nice work.
borderline Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2003
what a lovely pic.. so beatiful
lonelyshadow Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2003
+fav ...
wildangel Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2003
Drop dead gorgeous. FAV!
wendal Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2003
Classic religious image. The composition is perfect. The model shows a state of spiritual and mystic.
jimmy1 Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2003  Hobbyist Photographer
Absolutely beautiful shot. The pose and expression are so peaceful. I love the high key look of this as well +favlove
back2mine Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2003

the way fabric frames her face is beyond beautiful

fidget Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2003   Photographer
delicate fabric
of love
mother may I
die for you
and for what
you gave me

Graceful portrait. I love your model, and the way in which you have captured her. Well done Lorraine!
vert Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2003
not sure if I feel lonly, sad or restricted or all of the above, or mabe none.... always good of a photo to make you stair at it for a long time getting all different feelings from it.

=) (Smile)

beautifull work
chaoticparadox Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2003   Photographer
this IS amazing.. I have a bit of an obsession for religious imagery too.. even though I am not religious myself. anyway, the lighting is absolutely beautiful, so is the pose. I am loving all your shots with this model :) (Smile) Love
prodoxius Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2003
that is amazing +fav
loveinjected Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2003  Professional Interface Designer
You're gettin better ;) (Wink) The expression is great & the lighting is awesome
nicewood Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2003   Photographer
you're giving me too many good photos at the same time!! aaaahhh....
this one is just amazing. I love portrait with that kind of feeling in it.
Makes me wanna fall in love tonight. Or maybe just hold her.
anyway. the color = amazing, the pose = perfect, the expression = Love
keep 'em coming. I'll be waiting.
ladymorgana Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2003  Professional Photographer
this photograph is incredibly beautiful!!!!
stevesm Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2003
Very nice. Cracking lighting. Love it. +Fav I think :-) (Smile)
swamime Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2003
beautiful shot it gives me a Madonna feeling very spiritual.
foureyes Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2003
I Love it,....Superb portrait !!!
sunrunner68 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2003
All the good comments are taken, so I'm just going to say ditto to the above and add my vote.
nitehood Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2003
to me it gives off the impression that she's in deep thought.
i wonder what she's thinking.
saintvitus Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2003
i love the tone, and the peacefullness of the piece. i dont know if the tatoos on her chest tie in so much with virgin motherhood, but oh well
you are one prolific photographer! do you have all these on physical photograph paper already, or do you upload them as you take them?
i think your angkor wat ones and your other s.e. asia ones are nice, but a little similar to other photographers' work when they visit your work otherwise has a great individuality about it.
ps. try java and sumatra in indonesia the next time you go east - they're great places (i lived in sumatra for several years)
hesitation Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2003  Hobbyist Photographer
Beautiful high key portrait.
Well done
adixion Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2003

mar1an0 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2003
yep... the soft sepia is very pretty... and i just keep loving that tatoo/bodypaint she has on her chest...

also the framing and the composition is wonderfull
arreisenimsaj Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2003
Nice soft colors,and a very pretty model.Beautiful shot:) (Smile)
nogarap Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2003
I like the tones a lot, very fitting.

There's a strong emphasis on the eyes and the facial expression.

Nice shot :) (Smile)
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