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Say Mwah by lorrainemd Say Mwah by lorrainemd
Yes, it's me...I cannot believe I am breaking down to submit a pretty normal portrait, but it is nice to attach a face to a body of work...I admit that my curiosity gets the better of me sometimes when I see others work.
I think I shot my worse half though....only kidding.
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nellusatko Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2008  Student General Artist
Your all photoes are great!!
Should I ´ll draw any picture from your gallery, please?
because they are so FANTASTIC!!!!!!!
96jac Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2006
So this is you!
You have a beautifull gallery.
I hope you dont mind if i watch you.
We may have something in common to, the old lady in the photo in Hoi An i think i have taken a picture of her too, years ago.
Silvinha Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2006
You are so pretty!! the photo is fantastic!! I like it!!
brickhousekanedesign Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2005
I love black and whites... :love:
ritzamarie Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2005
beautiful... the piece and the subject = you :nod:
~ rita
in-discreet Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2004  Student
As much as i've liked your photographs previously, i've always felt unqualified to comment. But it has to be said.....29 my arse!
Deelite Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2004
Gorgeous picture. Keep up the good work!!! :)
Deelite Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2004
noix Featured By Owner May 17, 2004   Photographer
et excusez-moi pour dire ceci, mais vous prenez à ma manière de souffle. pas le plus grand commont que vous pourriez obtenir, mais vous êtes vraiment adorable! :)
nitespirit Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2004  Hobbyist Artist
wow :O

i got no words to say, but this is a beautiful shot of you
CyberChilled Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2004
I agree with all but one of the are truly a gorgeous/beautiful young should do MORE of these.:+favlove:
ArtByMalloryMorsa Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2004
Your bad side? Well your bad side is pretty damn beautiful... I can only imagine what your "good half" looks like... geeze woman! lol... you're beautiful :)
Destronica Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2004
*agrees with dylanliwanag* j/k. but truth be told- you are absolutely gorgeous and this picture shares that same characteristic.. very myserious...:ninja:
dylanliwanag Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2004
beautiful. DAMN beautiful. What I wouldn't give to... oh you get the point.

You're beautiful. I can say nothing more.
luislegrand Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2003
pretty normal portrait???? it's an amazing portrait...

beatuyfull, misterious...

x69-DRaGoNAiR Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2003
____BeAuTy GiRl:
YoU hAvE A FaNtAStIc GaLlErY aNd yOuR aRt iS sO GoOd, BuT rEAlLy ThIs PhOtO fAsCiNaTeS mE, I LoVe YoUr EyEs.
ThE cOlOrS ArE pErFeCt AnD tHe yOuR ExPrEssIoN In YoUr So InNoCeNt...
In-Apt Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2003
this is awesome...
to be completely honest, if it had a black line in the border before the white one, this would go to my favs.
Like that I think it isn't as beautiful as it could be...
mxxxerchris Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2003   Photographer
passenger-nq Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2003
you're cute. i love your eyes (or eye should i say for this shot) nice photograph
hooliganism Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2003
you have beautiful eyes..
hokus-pokus Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2003
Very pretty model... :D (Big Grin)
i like sepia colour
barns Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2003  Hobbyist Photographer
you're really beautiful!

gorgeous self-portrait! lovely tones, nice expression!


see you

Peace barns
devilicious Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2003  Professional Photographer
the sepia tone is nice on this but oh my the crop does make it...Nod

i love it when you use yourself...Hug
fitful Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2003  Professional General Artist
Gosh you're beautiful!
mutantmandias Featured By Owner May 11, 2003  Hobbyist Photographer
That is such a penetrating look. It's hard to turn away from it.
jotamatinez Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2003
You look lovely.... I'm curious... how can you get a picture of yourself that perfect? I know all the suff 'bout the automatic shot, but.... I don't know how can you make a composition like this one.. with a beautiful light and a nice angle... I figure that you can get it just by practice, but I wonder if you can give me some tips about it because I'm trying to do a self portrait and I don't know how to start.
Anyway.... this is a lovely self portrait... +fav
gabrielxxx Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2003


cmasters Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2003
Where was this!?
Definately a +fav
I can't even begin to start commenting.
yhancik Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2003
this is the place and moment where we can say "rawr you're so sweet, even your worse half is beautiful" ;) (Wink)
beautiful mouth and breathtaking eyes
caio Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2003  Professional Photographer
You are beautiful, and your mouth looks very sweet.
zekzo Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2003
im in love jajajaj lovely!!! to my fav ;) (Wink)
99gnome Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2003
so this is a self portrait, right? well - it's an outstanding self portrait, that's for sure. i try these once in a while, but i am far away from the perfect look you achieved - not only technically speaking (cropping, sepia), but also in terms of your mimic. and whether the slight blur was intended or not - it is great, too!.

well, in one word: wow
thesin Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2003
sweet Clap
kome Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2003
Reminds me of the photos I just took in my "It" series. Check it out if you like! :) (Smile) I like this. The darkness of your eyes, lips, and hair really stand out. :) (Smile)
cayos Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2003  Student
Cool Pic. I really like it... A true photographer and not a bad looking chick either
eight2three Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2003
love the photo.. i cant help but look at pretty girls in pictures gj
xxxemotionalkid Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2003   Photographer
wonderful. +fav the simplicity of it makes it beautiful... i'd recommend doing more like this one !!
nitehood Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2003
nice nice nice
unaturate the pic, then add some mellow colourization and a boarder.....
it's amazing how simple processing can look the best! i have a problem with over processing.
nice photography work too! i like how half your head is tilted and half the face is hidden. it makes it seem like the picture has a bit of a story to tell.
i like to say "why tell a story when you can paint one"
good work!
lordphobos Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2003
Very nice photo. I love how it's off center, the colors are really nice, the lighting works very well, the shape of your hair and how it falls on your neck... I think the whole image works on many levels. Thanks for sharing it with us all.
erinightwind Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2003  Professional General Artist
So much can be conveyed (sp?) with such a simple image. Stillness captured in a swirl of movement, perhaps? *shrugs* Great image, good use of space, nicely 'balanced' (you could say). Good expression, nice angle. Well done. Nod
sonicbelve Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2003   Photographer
thewill Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2003  Student
love the tilted head.. great shot. you're gorgeous; reminds me of my girlfriend. i've tried to get her to let me take some shots of her, but she's shy for some reason.. :-\
sparda1 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2003
I love this shot. You are a very beautiful girl, hope to see more of you.
lord-zany Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2003
you are hot.

that's a great photograph.
ruv Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2003
very nice. Your beautiful.
marcyintellect Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2003   Photographer
seems kind of blurry and could have been composed better (ie same amount of negative space but rearrangement of the head position) ...and it doesn't really seem to have a point. no ripping, just trying to be constructive.
halfliquid Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2003
Crisp picture. Sweet portait.

Those eyes are... hypnotizing.

nefertari Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2003   Photographer
Beautiful self-portrait...
shiny Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2003
Look how cute you are Heart
stellarofdreams Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2003
wow... yer really pretty... grr *is jealous*
awesome portrait though... the expression and color and the whole feel of this piece... its nice warm ^_^ lol
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