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The Dark Side by lorrainemd The Dark Side by lorrainemd
Are you ready to enter the dark side?

The idea that most women cannot fully explore their dark or naughty side (represented by the underexposure of the left side of the picture) arose in the beginning of society when prostitutes were stoned by the very same men with whom they cheated on their wives. But today, women are more and more able to explore that nasty side wthout fear of repercussions. On the other hand, many women are scorned for being goody-goodies and are often dismissed for the naughtier, more "fun" girls. The personal challenge as a women - balance.

I am actually submitting this picture as a challenge to all female photographers out there who ONLY take pictures of themselves....there is a great big world out there with billions of beautiful people, places and things....I challenge you to step outside and take a picture of something other than is really eye-opening. I take photos of myself (like this one), but this does not blind me to looking at the rest of the world. If all I did was take photos of brushes, I would probably get pretty damn good at photographing brushes... Point....I see too many on DA that need to do something else besides take a picture of that which they see every freakin day of their lives.

My challenge to men out there...keep making all women feel beautiful and encourage them to express a little more of that dark side.
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DaMinddancer Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2015
I dig what you're saying
and as a writer/ poet of sorts 
I try to be as diverse as possible 
I often search the internet for
interesting photographs to write to
and or be inspired from
Part voyeur, part artist
I see for me and speak for others
to perhaps experiment
or dare to experience the dark side
give me stretch marks and varicose veins
cellulite, even a birthmark or two
and I'll write her beautiful.....
great work by the way 
krustoff Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2010
huuuh... its great if you explore your dark side...!

i like my dark side and im think leave it ! xD


one person can stole my stone heart?
sythere Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2008
well how can i make u feel more beautiful than u are???? ;)
SomeGirlNamedJhenne Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2008
Lovely concept, and lovely picture :nod:
1photojunkie Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2008   Photographer
Simply Beautiful...
mountaintrout Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2007
so rare it is to see such light in your darkness.
White667 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2007
Ohhh so pretty.

And I do try.
kid-kiddo Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2007
perfect body:D
NebolahBC Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
I'm getting to like your photos more and more. And your comments... they make you very, very interesting too! :)
Cool thoughts, I fully agree with you.
nocturno Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2006  Professional Photographer
This photo has been featured in my journal entry on self-portraiture.

Thank you for it.
GrimAngel Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2006
very true... balance is a key thing for women. as a man I completely agree with you that too much either way can completely change the way you feel about someone. Also great words of challenge for photographers out there.
Erasmas Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2005
Bravo... all around. Although, as a man, what you challenge us with is harder than it seems. I tell my wife several times every day that she is beautiful, and encourage her to play up to her "naughtier" side. It does not seem to be enough. What are we, as men, to do when we use all that is within our power to accomplish this task, yet we still fall short? My answer, and my challenge to women in return... Do not rely on anyone but yourself to realize your beauty, and do as you wish as far as naughty or nice (in that way at least). Just remember one thing... as long as the action makes you a better person to yourself and a better person to others, then you cannot go wrong.
Lohey Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2005
Your photograph does express your description... very well... :nod:

steph9668 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2005
I am actually submitting this picture as a challenge to all female photographers out there who ONLY take pictures of themselves....there is a great big world out there with billions of beautiful people, places and things...I challenge you to step outside and take a picture of something other than yourself

YES! I completely agree with you. I love the photo and your comment here! I'm going to add this to my journal... :hug:
astraydreams Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2005   Photographer
This is a really beautiful shot. The colour on it is just fantastic. The girl as well is very beautiful.
I love your words as well. I do think a lot of the women photographers need to start taking pictures of something other than theirselves.

I always am quick to call women beautiful and such when I comment on here and as well when I see them in public. However, I judge more than just looks. I judge a lot on how they dress.
Anyways, I must favour this.
AndrewTunney Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2005  Professional General Artist
well...thats one hell of a challenge you've set there. you're right tho i think, they are way too many self-portraits here...or rather too many ppl who exclusively do self-portraits. seems to fit well into the goth/alternative movement too, which is cool because there's like a whole culture there but often i think the ppl involved go wayyy too far and their work neds up being very pretentious and cliched - i swear if i see one more pretty young girl bleeding in a bathtub im going to scream but thats a whole other topic...
i do find women to be more liberated than men these days, in some ways at least. in fashion and dress especially because women can express themselves much easier with their dress and with fewer repercussions than men can, which is why women's fahsion is so varied. i think a lot of men, myself included, still have a feeling in their mind that perhaps they can't be too flamboyant (sP?) incase someone shouts 'FAG!' or something. personally, i think women have a lot more control over men than they realise but its a more subtle, pyshological control. probably because at some level we're all obsessed with sex. i guess seeing as this is the first of your photos that ive commented on i have to work on that issue myself :hmm:

you're right about the naughty/nice thing tho...we all fall for it, or at least i do, and i think we're all victims of it too. its human nature to be drawn to what you can't/shouldn't have but whether you follow up on that is different. i think its perfectly healthy to indulge your darker sides (and all the other sides) but then it should always be with checks and balances otherwise it goes too far one way and becomes conceited - something which is easily seen in alot of ppls work on DA.

oh and this is great btw. im no photographer so i can't crit you technically but the colour and texture are great. its sexy without being overly revealing or sleezy and it sugests darkness without going 'LOOK AT ME IM GOTH!'
it is very well composed too and the hilights are wonderfully stark. im not sure whether i would have got your message without the comment but DA is a forum where you have both so i think its perfectly fine that one reinforces the other. :thumbsup:
clockworkApple Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2005  Professional Photographer
i agree with you about your comment about self studies and brushes..
TheGreens Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2004
powerful. Picture and words. Powerful
phix850 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2004
The "dark" side is a matter of perspective. Maybe the "honest" side is an equally appropriate term.

My view (as a male) is close but maybe a little different. I don't think women necessarily need encouragement to show the "dark" side. If men would just keep their damned mouths shut when it comes to spouting off on what the female role should be, they would find that their girlfriends or wives would feel free with them and allow all of their beauty, dark and light, to show.

In addition, I would challenge women to start being a little more selective when it comes to men by not wasting themselves on those who wish to control that diverse personality. Men have a nasty habit of being myopic on social issues, especially when younger. Women often fall into the nasty habit of catering to it.

A thought provoking submission you have made.

BTW, the photo conveys sultry innocence to me. Quite the mix. Great work.
Vord-exe Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2004
You should express your dark side more often.
lost-n-wasted Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2004  Student Photographer
love what you wrote there...
orleck Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2004   Photographer
Incredible shot, great angle. I was actually challenge to submit pics of meself! but i understand thats very different. Great shot!
LiWi Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2004
The tone of this pictures is realy amazing! It fits the model very well!
webbro Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2004
Well put. FIRST- your beautiful and have much talent. :) SECOND - All naughty(aka - fun girls) girls are welcome to come over and chill out, that means you too. THIRD - If the woman isn't fun or have some wild side I don't want her, even though I like the thought of a traditionaly woman because fact is there is less chance of her cheating on you. Near 99.3% hehe
xlovelessx Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2004
I hate to double post, but I just realized that you submitted this on my birthday last year :D
xlovelessx Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2004
Hah, lovely shot, but Im more interested in what you wrote. I have one picture of myself (Im a guy, however), and its only due to the fact that Im borrowing my friend's digital camera. I love how the challenge/paragraph/whatever you want to call it fits so well with the photo, and its so true.

Keep up the good work.
ally153 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2004
A very well composed photo and description, both I like/agree with equally well... We are all pretty narrow-minded about things at times and it's great to see someone expressing their feelings to the community this way. Balance is hard to achive in almost everyhting in life which is why I like pieces like this that try and tell you to stop and thing every now and again.

Excellent work, which can be said for every deviation in your gallery...

strnglitlgrl Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2004
i s'pose this means i should turn the camera on myself for a change?
KirreaL Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2003   Photographer
Im late with my comments

Just accept my congratulations..

About the dark side philosiphy:
I agree with you generaly, but dont foget to return from the dark side before it is too late.
I mean some girls behave like whores or theyre already whores.
The best way is to stay in the middle i think.

PS *.. i`ll see u on the dark side of the moon* (Pink Floyd)

PPS: plz see my gallery;)
KirreaL Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2003   Photographer
very few pictures make me stare at them for a long time

this really does.

Just perfect, you are perfect, colours are, ... damn! (everyhing is said before me though)

About the dark side philosophy: i quiet agree with you but there is another problem - to get out from that darks side before there`s no way back. know what i mean?

PS: '...i`ll see u on the dark side of the moon' (from Pink Floyd)

PPS: see my gallery, maybe ther`s something intrersting for you
systemic Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2003
Great work. I don't always read through the entire deviation descriptions, but yours is so very meaningful, and all of it quite true. I'd love to help perpetuate female beauty and bring it to the masses...But I don't know any girls that would model for me...So I'll have to put that on hold for a while.

Awsome work.
crashnburn Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2003
The dark side you talk about is my favourite thing in women. ;)
luislegrand Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2003
beautyfull pic... beautyfull model...

I loved your comments about other female photographers
storeboughtlies Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2003  Student
nice picture, but damn, the message is so influential and powerful. very nicely done.
gaborcsigas Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2003  Professional Interface Designer
opeyuvadown Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2003  Professional Traditional Artist
I find myself staring at this photo, three pots of coffee into the evening, " Midnight in the Garded of Good and Evil" playing far too loud on DVD in the next room, sweat upon my brow and heavy cigarette breath lingering around my head. I can't pull away. What have you done to me? I sit here... mesmerized...

forkbat Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2003
The face on this picture is the center. I looked at it immediately and passed it off as just another photography student attempt at something sensual and pretty but that face... kept transforming. Great work.
jaganar Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2003  Professional Interface Designer

livvi ( from port charles :) :omg:
EclipsedMeh Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2003
I love to capture other people... problem is.. not everybody will let me do my thing... :cry:

anywho.. I love your work...:D
dawa Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2003   Photographer
It was a great idea. I don't think I would get the idea by looking at the photo unless there was an explanation to go along with it.
dougbtn Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2003
Hah - I knew the answer would be in my favs somewhere.

You got all those view through pornography you dirty little madam.

tee hee - feeling very naughty today - just cant help myself, it may take the men in the white coats tpo make me stop
lorrainemd Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2003
a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do....
you should see the "members only" section of my website (being programmed as we speak)....
only kiddin.
i am starting to work with a very famous porn photographer
i like his stuff alot...he is a bit too " pink" for me, but still good stuff.

keep up the naughty!!!!!

dougbtn Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2003
You cant be too 'Pink' :pride: :D

I had a look and love this shot
Catalog #384

If he ever needs a fluffer let me know ;-) I have no shame and will pay my own airline travel for the right project ;-)

Take care and have fun with Ms Ward. If it is porn it is very grown up porn with is great
redux Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2003  Hobbyist Photographer
"I am actually submitting this picture as a challenge to all female photographers out there who ONLY take pictures of themselves...."

i applaud the sentiment, as it reflects something i've been pondering myself for a while, looking at some of the output here on dA.

and yes, i love the composition, lighting and tone of this shot. very nicely done :)
bittertaste Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2003
for the picture : no faults at all about it , it's obvious that you're a gorgeus woman with a perfect face and wonderful lips ;)

for the description : you're a GODDESS! :worship: i totally agree with you :nod: :hug:

tim ..
ASHBINCITIZEN-JIF Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2003
i like the portrait and the very expressive looking, and if i understand well your words i agree, and extend this for men (not for exactly the same reasons but...)
matthewh Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2003
wonderfully done. the colors and composition are stunning, and i admire the fact that you've got good reasoning behind posting the photo, too.

apoch Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2003
I love the facial expression, very strong.
Beautiful face, gorgeous eyes, lovely jaw bone adds to the strength of the facial features.

Nice little expressive photo, love the tonal colour to this, and exposure.

the dark art
of suductive energy
therealsparhawk Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2003  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The ability to step outside ones self, to see everything around them rather than just themselves is an ability a LOT of people don't have.

Doing what is familiar, doing what is becomes much easier to be lazy and never challenge yourself.

Artsits, people in general would do well to step back and realize the color of the world, expand their grey world. To be dynamic, destroy stagnate waters...Live life, create art.

Great work Darlin' :hug:

- Jerimey
pushersshove Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2003
your expression is awesome
it scares me.
you rock.
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