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April 29, 2003
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The Dark Side by lorrainemd The Dark Side by lorrainemd
Are you ready to enter the dark side?

The idea that most women cannot fully explore their dark or naughty side (represented by the underexposure of the left side of the picture) arose in the beginning of society when prostitutes were stoned by the very same men with whom they cheated on their wives. But today, women are more and more able to explore that nasty side wthout fear of repercussions. On the other hand, many women are scorned for being goody-goodies and are often dismissed for the naughtier, more "fun" girls. The personal challenge as a women - balance.

I am actually submitting this picture as a challenge to all female photographers out there who ONLY take pictures of themselves....there is a great big world out there with billions of beautiful people, places and things....I challenge you to step outside and take a picture of something other than is really eye-opening. I take photos of myself (like this one), but this does not blind me to looking at the rest of the world. If all I did was take photos of brushes, I would probably get pretty damn good at photographing brushes... Point....I see too many on DA that need to do something else besides take a picture of that which they see every freakin day of their lives.

My challenge to men out there...keep making all women feel beautiful and encourage them to express a little more of that dark side.
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huuuh... its great if you explore your dark side...!

i like my dark side and im think leave it ! xD


one person can stole my stone heart?
well how can i make u feel more beautiful than u are???? ;)
Lovely concept, and lovely picture :nod:
1photojunkie Jan 21, 2008   Photographer
Simply Beautiful...
so rare it is to see such light in your darkness.
Ohhh so pretty.

And I do try.
kid-kiddo Apr 8, 2007
perfect body:D
I'm getting to like your photos more and more. And your comments... they make you very, very interesting too! :)
Cool thoughts, I fully agree with you.
nocturno Oct 6, 2006  Professional Photographer
This photo has been featured in my journal entry on self-portraiture.

Thank you for it.
very true... balance is a key thing for women. as a man I completely agree with you that too much either way can completely change the way you feel about someone. Also great words of challenge for photographers out there.
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